Posted: 3 years ago
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What does your therapist really think?

Have you ever wondered what your Therapist is really thinking? You’re just about to have a massage from a complete stranger? Do they love or loathe what they do? Let’s find out what Spa Therapist of 5 years, Sasha Ward’s most treasured corner stones to being your Therapist...

As a Therapist, I am always looking to give each of my clients exactly what they are seeking. Complementary Therapies is an alternative medicine that is often forgotten about. In actual fact, it can make a huge impact on someone’s health and general well-being. Those who recognise this can take advantage of various health benefits including relieving muscular tension and increasing circulation and lymphatic systems.

I want you to feel at ease as soon as you walk into the room. This may sound simple yet so many people hold their guard up as if to protect themselves from us Therapists. We offer an open and non-judgemental environment to simply give you the chance to relax in our space.
 The more of a closed book you approach us with, the less we can do our upmost best for you in fulfilling your treatment. It is the key to a personalised experience in your journey. Wherever that be to make you feel better, act as a pick me up or help alleviate physical ailments. It is important to help us, help you.

Often it is the clients who come for treatments who actually take on a lot of burdens themselves. Perhaps they manage a team of colleagues, a family relative is in care, a lurking sense of grief, or maybe they have had to under go physical abuse or strain (operations in some cases). The list of burdens is endless. I admire people for actually seeking some form of therapy in the first place for this very reason. The courage that it takes to let a complete stranger help you, through the means of complementary therapies. We are there to take care of you, forget about everything back home and be your Therapists welcome burden! It is your sacred space, try to take advantage of this and listen to the attentiveness expressed by your Therapist.

Meet Sasha...

Sasha Ward, Professional Spa Therapist specialising in Touch Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Remedial Massage from Wiltshire. Five years experience working in the Spa Industry through hospitality, academic and self employed fields. Previous associate of FHT for two years and writer for travel wellness blog, The Best Of Spas.

My final cornerstone is continuing professional development. I love this because it's what certifies us as a Therapist. As times change, so do the regulations behind the original training. If you speak to a Therapist who graduated back in the 70's, guaranteed the foundations of their knowledge with be spot on to those who have recently graduated. However legislation will have changed and been updated since then. Learning new things about what I do and thriving off the sharing of knowledge through other professionals. It's how we evolve to create the best of the best. If you have a Therapist who is open to learning and sharing their own knowledge with you regarding all things including their own work, then you've got yourself a great Therapist.

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