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When you post a job you have access to a set of features and candidate selection tools that simplify the recruitment process and assist you in identifying the right candidate for the role.

What happens when you post a job?

Rate and Categorise your Candidates

Candidate applications can be viewed and assesed by you or your team with the option to rate and categorise each applicant accordingly.

Manage Multiple Brands

If you have more than one brand within your organisation you can apply the appropriate logo, brand name and contact details to each advert. We can set up your account to host multiple users.

Mobile Friendly Job Management

Manage all your jobs and candidates from your mobile phone or tablet. Jobs in Beauty is 100% mobile-friendly.

Training Adverts

Training advertisements work in the same way as job postings except respondents are either directed to a page on your website or prompted to email you direct. You can choose which method is most appropriate.

Which product?

Job Advertisements

All job adverts are displayed for 6 weeks and emailed to skills-matched candidates from our database. We also share every job on JiB social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Recruiters receive a notification each time a candidate applies. All jobs, applications and candidates can be managed from the recruiter's JiB dashboard.

Featured Adverts

Featured adverts on are displayed above standard posts and are promoted on our homepage. Featured posts receive more applications due to their higher visibility.

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