Posted: 2 years ago
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How Andy caught the Spray Tanning Bug!

Introducing Andy the Spray Tanning Guy. We came across his profile on Linkedin  and invited him to share his unique story with our readers. With a little help from Ebay, online course tutorials and loads of self motivation - Andy has bagged himself a brand new beauty career!

Here's how...

A couple of years ago I was a Computer Engineer idly browsing through eBay, like you do. I was not looking for anything in particular, just seeing if anything caught my interest.

One of the things I noticed was a spray tanning machine, with tent, for twenty quid. This looked like a bit of a bargain since I imagined (correctly as it turned out) that it would cost that just to get a spray tan, so I put in a bid with a view to using it to spray her indoors in the unlikely event that I won. To my surprise I did win it (almost certainly because it was set for collection only) so I drove to Woking and picked it up that lunchtime. In fact it was an even better deal than I was expecting because the woman also threw in over a litre of tanning solution (still in date), which by itself was worth well over the twenty quid I spent on the entire ensemble.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself on the drive home until it struck me that I did not have the faintest idea how to use it. EBay to the rescue once more. I found an online course on spray tanning for ten quid. Result! Now I know what you are thinking, and you are right. It is not possible to learn spray tanning properly online but ten quid! Actually the course was not bad at all. Obviously not as good as a face to face one but it did provide me with the basics and also required three case studies. The long suffering girlfriend was one and she also volunteered her sister and one of her friends.

This was when I got the bug. They all loved it. In spite of my woeful inexperience I was making these women (according to them) look better, and therefore feel better about themselves. I decided that it was worth taking more seriously and went on several ‘proper’ courses. I passed the Sienna X lvl two course and were it not for this lockdown would have taken (and hopefully passed) the lvl 3 by now. I got the Fake Bake professional spray tan expert certificate, learnt the rudiments of contouring from BeauBronz and started getting proper paying clients.

Slowly but surely my client base started expanding until corona when it obviously came to a dead stop. I have been using the lockdown to gather more Instagram followers and hope that when this is all over I will be able to bounce back stronger than ever.

Fingers crossed x

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