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The UK Spa Association - Championing the Spa Industry

The UK Spa Association is the only professional, not-for-profit body, specifically dedicated to championing the spa industry and celebrating our unique community.

We champion the positive contribution made by the spa industry to UK health, social and economic wellness and wellbeing, while driving continuous improvement in quality training, high standards, inclusiveness and professionalism at all levels within the trade .

Networking Events

One key-way in which we are able to both support and drive the UK spa industry, is through our growing number of nationwide events held throughout the year. Our two main networking events are extremely well attended and are held in the South and North of the country, with our popular Spa Directors Assemblies (beneficial for new to the industry as well as experienced spa directors, managers, general managers and owners) held more regularly and recently taken online also. Always evolving, the UK Spa Association have also now introduced Spa Supplier Assemblies. Both sides of the industry are welcomed into a safe space with peers, to discuss any challenges or issues being faced. These meetings offer the opportunity for spa owners, operators, suppliers and managers to exchange ideas, seek advice and gain support from others in similar situations to themselves.  


The UK Spa Association is well known for its campaigns, one of which, the annual National Spa Week underwent a major rebrand last year. Now focused for the benefit of the spa industry, this year’s national campaign addresses the theme – Hotel Spas To Be Taken Seriously! Another longer term campaign, is Work For Wellness, which will be formed of a grass roots micro schools campaign for which the UKSA appeals for the support of operators, to underpin the longer term, macro national media relations and communications campaign. This to involve a major research piece, in order to support and inform active lobbying and a white paper, also consumer media round tables as well as a whole host of consumer engagement press and media activities. The UKSA proposes a hard hitting, drip feed campaign of at least 3 years activity.

Other value-added aspects to UKSA membership include:

Benchmarking – monthly operator only reports, in order to compare how your spa is performing against key industry KPI’s and your competitors. Available to all operators regardless of size, this essential information is key for commercial success and growth.

Spa Line – access to our panel of experts, for help and support to a particular challenge.

Spa Voice – receive our monthly newsletter featuring spa business insights and trend articles, upcoming events, industry campaigns, awards and special offers.

The long- term vision of the UKSA is to grow membership further still, so that the collective becomes a stronger voice for the spa industry and that ultimately their one united voice will be heard at parliamentary level, with recognition nationwide.

To be part of a community dedicated to shaping the future of spa, and to find out more information about our various membership packages, to suit all budgets, visit: