Posted: 2 years ago
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20 Hair & Beauty Roles you could choose a career in

So you want a career in the beauty industry! How do you choose which job is right for you? Our run down of 20 beauty related roles may give you some new ideas...

1. Hairdresser

Everyone needs to have their hair done at some point so you'll always be in demand! Mot people have to visit a beauty salon at least once every month. So going into hairdresing is a lucrative business in the world today as people are very conscious about how they look.Want to be your own boss? Starting a hair salon does not require huge startup capital. So long as you are good at what you do; you'll build up a loyal clientele.

2. Skincare Specialist

If you're passion is skincare this is an interesting and lucrative career to follow. Ranging from specialist skincare treatments you can also make good money upselling products to your clients. A Skincare Specialist is someone who works with individual clients to assess their skin care needs and correct them via the use of certain products, a change in diet and lifestyle and will need be fully qualified and insured to practice.

3. Nail Technician

Do you love everything about nails? If you're creative and obsessive about nail colours, nail treatments and nail art this is a great career option and there are plenty of training courses to get you started. Once you're qualified you can set up as a mobile technician, rent a space or join a salon - the world of nails is ever evolving so the more skills you learn the more in demand you'll be!

4. Barber

Men want to look good too and male grooming is a growing trend! Around the globe there are people who have built a long and successful career in the barbing industry. In fact, the barbing salon business is one of the fastest growing profitable small businesses in the world today.

5. Tattoo Artist

If you are artistic and creative to an extent, tattoo designing might be the right business for you. Tattoos are part of many cultures and many people are getting new tattoos every day. Becoming a tattoo artist requires training. Tattooing is synonymous with skin piercing, and it is not something you just wake up and do. You need to be properly trained on it.

6. Beauty Blogger

Every internet savvy individual today owns a blog but creating a niche for yourself by blogging about beauty care products, tutorials and review could rake in income for you from Google AdSense, affiliate and adverts.It's a career you can work around your day job offering complete flexibility.

Once your audience becomes large enough, you can start making money by promoting cosmetic products as an affiliate or selling advert space to cosmetic product retailers. Creating a beauty blog is perfect for any passionate individual who have sufficient knowledge about the industry and product. With very less investment you can start of your own. Selecting the niche and creating info-based quality article are key factors in establishing your own beauty blog.

7. Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist is a prestigious one, the profession is an award winning profession in the entertainment industry and you could get to travel the globe.

Makeup artistry is an industry that actually pays quite well. You can make a large amount per hour, which will add up to a substantial annual income, especially if you widen your skill set and offer editorial, evening, and other year-round makeup services.

8. Image Consultant / Stylist

As an image consultant, you’ll give beauty makeovers to clients which will include an overhaul of their wardrobe too. You’ll coach them on the right style for the image they want to project and even become their personal stylist for shopping trips.

You’ll also give hair and makeup advice, color-consulting, and instructions for self-confidence. You can also work with corporate clients by recommending new employee uniform styles, or by teaching multicultural etiquette or body-language basics for better sales and customer relations.

9. Beauty Expo Planner

If sales is your strength you may want to consider this option. You'll benefit from a great business network within the beauty industry to get ahead. Beauty exhibitions provide a great way to build exposure for companies and a great way to make more contacts within the beauty industry. One of the things that you have to do to be distinct in this profession is to be abreast with all the new trends in the industry.

10. Aromatherapist

Is the holistic approach of interest to you? Aromatherapy is therapeutic treatment with aromatic essential oils. It can be used by anybody for physical, physiological, mental, and spiritual wellbeing daily or as and when required. Essential oils & Aromatherapy can make a very positive contribution to emotional & physical health bringing a sense of inner balance and peace.

11. Teeth Whitening Specialist

Everybody is in need of a shiny a sparkling “32” (teeth) especially celebrities, models and those working with mass media; and they will do anything to get it. You can take advantage of this opportunity by rendering a teeth whitening service to them and make your money. It is very easy because the chemicals for the teeth whitening are readily available in the market. All you have to do is read about them and learn how to administer them to your clients.

12. Beauty Sales Rep

Another business opportunity to explore in the beauty care industry is becoming an independent sales representative, earning commissions from distributing products for skin care products manufacturing companies. One of the ways that you can stay relevant and competitive in the industry is by attending trainings and reading stuff that can help your marketing skills a whole lot.

13. Salon Manager

his is a forward-moving career path for those beauty pros with entrepreneurial spirit. The Salon / Spa Manager plays a very important role I the smooth operations of the business. Salon and Spa managers also have to ensure that the business is following current health and safety procedures and all staff members possess the required certificate and abilities to perform their jobs.

The manager is an essential and critical part of the beauty business in order to run a successful and profitable beauty business. The career allows them to work in hair and beauty salons, hotel and hospitality management, spas, tanning salons and beauty and skin care companies.

14. Eyelash Technician

With specialist brow and lashes bars popping up everywhere this is another rapidly growing trend. You specialize in the expert application of false eye lashes as well as the tinting of eye lashes and perming. Beautiful eyelashes are highly desirable as this kind of treatment improves the look of the eyes and makes it appealing to look at. The instant gratification of the client makes it a rewarding career. Not everyone can apply lashes and this makes the eyelash technician one of the highly sought after in the beauty industry.

15. Beauty PR

The beauty care industry needs a wide array of professionals; one of the important professionals in the field is a public relations expert. Pursuing a career as the image maker in the beauty care industry involves roles such as branding, marketing and advertising. An interesting and fast paced environment to work in if you love beauty and media.

16. Beauty Academy Owner

Another lucrative and prestigious career in the beauty care industry is to open and run a beauty / hairdressing academy for the next generation of the beauty industry! Courses such as nail techicians, aesthetic therapists, microblading and massage therapy are all popular subjects.

17. Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapists possess a high level of customer service skills and provides a wide range of the needed services and skills such as facials cleansing, body, spa, and relaxation treatment, nail services, waxing, lash and brow treatment. A beauty therapist is an all in one provider of beauty services. Those who pursue a career in beauty therapy also offers advice and consultations on beauty products based on the clients skin requirement and profile. They can work in a beauty salon, cruise ships, resorts and spas.

18. Cosmetic Wig Maker

Wig making is a career specialty under hairdressing; Wigmakers can work either in the theatrical or the cosmetic field. Cosmetic wig making involves making hairpieces for private individuals, hair salons, hair loss treatment centers and wig retailers. In the world today, there are two forms of wig wearers; the first set of people are made up of those suffering from alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy and any other medical treatment.

The other group is composed of the fashion wearer, this people are those who want to change style to suit their daily engagements and outings. The necessity of wigs caused by the two set of wig wearers have changed the demand for wigs today, and has made wig making a very popular and high earning career in the beauty industry.

19. Beauty Tutor

The growth of the beauty care industry has paved room for the creation of new careers and specializations. This growth has created a need for the demand of cosmetology instructors or trainers; this career involves the training and teaching of those who are pursuing careers in the beauty business. Tutoring is a career option that perfectly suits anyone who has both interest in beauty and also in developing and sharpening the skills of others in the industry. Teaching all levels of beauty is a fantastic way of imparting wisdom, knowledge and experience on aspiring young professionals.

20. Beauty Retail Consultant

Beauty counter staffs are responsible for reaching sales target and be a natural sales person. This career requires a passion for skincare and beauty, they are required to recommend and convince client the usefulness of a product to their needs. This career usually suits a friendly and approachable person who loves interacting with people on a daily basis.