Posted: 5 years ago
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The Edit: Fragrance paradise at Harrods' Salon de Parfums

An intoxicating place for perfume connoisseurs, Harrods' Salon de Parfums presents the world's finest and rarest scents alongside exclusive bespoke perfume creation and personalisation services.

Located on the Sixth Floor, the Salon is exclusively reserved to sell the very best and latest designer fragrances from the world’s biggest brands and this 5,090 square foot salon accommodates separate boutiques for eleven brands including Bond No. 9, By Kilian, Chanel, Clive Christian, Creed, Dior, Guerlain, Henry Jacques, Roja Dove, Tom Ford and Xerjoff.

The fragrance gallery showcases scents from world-excusive brands such as Dolce & Gabanna's Velvet Collection and Thomas Kosmala. "The launch of the Salon de Parfums on the Sixth Floor is a landmark addition to Harrods' perfumery portfolio," says Mia Collins, head of Beauty at Harrods. “As fine fragrances become ever more desired for their sophistication and power to captivate the senses, we were inspired to develop a unique perfumery concept.”