Posted: 3 years ago
Category: Career Insider

Haircuts4Homeless - more than 'just a haircut'

Are you a hairdresser that would love to give something back to the community? Have you heard of Haircuts4Homeless? It's a brilliant concept where skilled hairdressers give their time free of charge to give haircuts to homeless people.

Set up by veteran hairdresser Stewart Roberts in Havering, it's now expanded across 45 locations around the UK, Ireland - and NY City!

Inspired by the actions of hairdressers in various parts of the world cutting hair for the homeless, Stewart set out not only to do this his self but to build a whole community of skilled hairdresser volunteers who give their time free of charge to give haircuts for homeless people.

Can you imagine how it feels for a homeless person to be given a haircut? Instantly boosting self esteem and confidence and something they would never be able to afford living on the streets. One of people’s basic rights is for them to feel good about themselves and this service can give that to people.

Hairdressers have a known empathy and are great communicators. The industry is known for its generosity and willingness to help people therefore there are many that would willingly give some of their time and expertise. There is something very personal about cutting someone’s hair that can be both enjoyable and therapeutic which is something that many homeless people rarely get.

It may be "just a haircut", but it's the kindness shown that makes a homeless person know that people really care.

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