Posted: 6 years ago
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What makes a successful Beauty Therapist?

Do you have what it takes to follow a successful career in the world of beauty?

Whether your dream is to be a spa or beauty therapist, stylist, makeup artist or salon manager - gaining your qualifications are only the start of it!

As a ‘people’ industry your communication skills are equally as important. Practice makes perfect, people value manners and courtesy so going that extra mile will help you stand out from your colleagues.

Follow this simple checklist to build a rewarding career in beauty...


Whether you are planning on a freelance beauty career or applying for a suitable role, make sure you have all the right qualifications under your belt before you start seeing any clients. You’ll be off to a flying start knowing you can deliver treatments confidently, safely and effectively.


In advance of the treatment, the client consultation period is essential to your ultimate success as a beauty therapist. Try to take a personal interest in your client by listening to their requirements, asking questions that are appropriate so you can match their expectations and needs in advance of the treatment.


It’s important that both you as the therapist and your client are on the same page so make sure you repeat and clarify their needs. Once you are satisfied you fully understand their goals and objectives make sure you are thorough in presenting what the outcome of their treatment will be. This will help alleviate any concerns pre-treatment a client may have as well as managing their expectations.


Always greet your clients with a friendly and approachable welcome, smile and make eye contact. Try to judge if the client wants to make conversation so you can ‘mirror’ their behaviour. If you sense they want to be quiet, don't start telling your life story just to fill in the 'gaps'!


Shine, shine shine! Welcome your clients with a genuine smile and confident verbal skills. Maintain eye contact and greet with a nice, firm welcoming handshake.


Beauty and spa treatments can involve some intimacy – waxing, massage, tanning for example. It’s important that you remain discreet and polite at all times to ensure the client feels comfortable in your presence and within the salon environment.


Admin and time management is an important aspect of a beauty therapists role. It’s essential you keep up to date with your paperwork and day to day management of your diary. Schedule this time in to suit your appointments so this will become part of your daily routine


As important as the treatment is, if you are unable to build an ongoing rapport with your client, they are less likely to return.


If you genuinely care about your clients and the service you provide this will be reflected in your performance and will shine through, building trust and establishing a loyal client base.


Don’t underestimate the importance of these little babies! They are crucial to implement in your business and will help you grow as a therapist and as an individual.

Learn to take any critique as a positive so you can provide an even better service next time.


So you want to fly as a freelancer in the beauty world? Business is as important as beauty and it may be necessary to undertake short courses to qualify in salon management or business and marketing ahead of a launch.

Learning computer and basic marketing skills are also essential. Start by researching online – You Tube, joining related business forum, Facebook groups, Linkedin – there are endless online channels to help gain knowledge.

And last but not least….


‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!’.