Posted: 2 years ago
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Ways to monetise your beauty blog

So you’ve got your beauty blog up and running - the next step is to make some money from it!

How can you make this happen?

It's not going to be overnight - but there are options you can explore to gradually build up a residue income to start with.

Affiliate Marketing:

One of the most successful ways to make money from a beauty blog is through affilate marketing. You can join relevant affiliate programmes and then promote their products on your blog.

So for example - you write a feature about nail products - mention a relevant product and add the affiliate link to your page or post. Each time you mention a product, add the link in - and when readers click through to the web page on the affiliate site and purchase the product you will earn a percentage of the sale.

Just make sure you choose high-quality products that you can genuinely vouch for, otherwise you will quickly lose your audience.

Sell Display Advertising on your blog:

For this to be viable, your blog will need to be getting lots of regular traffic. Selling ad space on your blog can be great if you want to generate recurring monthly revenue. Approach relevant companies that reflects your beauty niche.

Sponsored blog posts:

As you grow your blog, you can look for opportunities to work with relevant brands and companies that may pay you for sponsored posts. This means when you review their products and services you may be offered free products or monetary compensation in exchange.

Create and sell your own products:

Once you’re blog is well established, this could be an option to research as your brand grows. WooCommerce is a freemium eCommerce plugin that will enable you to turn your blog into a fully functioning online store.

Concentrate firstly on building up a loyal audience, as you will then have the perfect target market to sell to. You can then look at a whole host of marketing features such as a regular eflyer to promote latest news / products and exclusive offers to your readership.

These are just a few ideas, the main thing to remember is - make sure you enjoy it, are passionate about what you are writing about and this will then come over in your blog!