Posted: 6 months ago
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These are the hottest hair & beauty trends for 2020

It's the start of a brand new decade so what can we expect from the exciting world of hair and beauty? Are you ready?!

According to experts there's a wonderful array of amazing beauty statements to die for; with the focus being on eyes with the striking 'cut crease' - involving using various shades of shadow to cut across the eyelid to create a sharp contrast in colour.

The trusty cream blusher (but not as you know it) returns plus laminated eyebrows, overdrawn lip liner in several shades lighter than your lipstick and our hair will be rockin' the look made famous by many a celeb - think tousled effortless 'bedhead', half up / half down look.

Here's the low down to the full 2020 look...


If you're already a fan of overdrawn lips you'll love this - exaggerated lips will be big in 2020 - with liner a few shades lighter than your lipstick.

Nude shades such as caramel are on trend giving the illusion of plumper fuller lips and defined cupid's bow.


Disco baby! It's time to get creative with eye shadow in 2020. Glitter eyes will be in fashion and for the first time in years, stylists will be applying to the eye directly with fingers - bright blues, purples, smudged kohl eyeliner - think Studio 54 (or Saturday Night Fever).


Liquid matte foundation formulas will be popular  - satin finish, low-sheen that will create that creamy, soft complexion we all lust after! Followed by the return of the beautiful cream blusher to create a seamless finish and natural looking skin. Offering more defined cheekbones and shimmering complexions we'll all be raving about.


There's a brand new laminated brow treatment on the way over for brow queens, believed to have orginated in Russia. To achieve this all important fluffy, brushed out eyebrow look (the treatment lasts about 50 minutes) involves laminating brows for a fuller, thicker texture. Hair is pushed upwards so all strands are facing the same way by applying a solution.


The trend is set to continue in 2020, when half-up half-down top knots and ponytails will start to emerge, according to experts.

We can't wait to start!