Posted: 2 years ago
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New decade, new you. What 2020 will bring for Wellness

The term 'wellness' has been banded around for several years but whilst we're all vaguely aware of what the term means - it's now firmly on the trend list for 2020. We're all tapping into our inner selves and seeking to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing - and technology is going to be a massive part of it, going forward into the new decade.

With ongoing stress and lack of time being cited as regular reasons not to take time out - we're all looking for new ways to help us cope and become a better version of ourselves.

Luckily, research also suggest that wellness is becoming increasingly accessible, as the booming industry is no longer viewed as a niche market.


How many of us are guilty of missing the gym due to lack of time (not to mention motivation!). Well, Virtual Wellness looks set to change this in 2020 - which means the gym will come to you instead! Moving away from traditional PT sessions or classes, we'll be looking to exercise and improve our wellbeing anytime, anywhere we are.


We're joining celebrities to seek out unique retreats for mind, body and soul as holidays become increasingly about taking time out for rejuvenation and mindfulness.

Yoga, mediation, body cleansing, coaching - there's a huge choice of wellness driven destinations in both spa and retreat form to discover across the world.


Whilst we're all aware about exercise and diet, how many of us really consider if we're breathing correctly? Enter the Breathing Apps! Despiste it being the most important action of the body, it's also the one most overlooked.

Studies have shown that practicing just 25 minutes of breathing techniques can calm the mind, improve cognitive function and boost energy levels, which is one of the reasons it's so important in activities like yoga. In app form, we can achieve this level of commitment more easily, as practice can fit into our daily routine - whether on your morning commute or just before you go to bed.


Whilst it may sound quite extreme, the practice of 'bathing' in sounds is on trend to become as popular as mindfulness and yoga. So how does it work?

The practice involves 'bathing' in sounds that are often produced by crystal bowls or instruments tuned to specific frequencies. These frequencies are said to trigger certain areas in the brain which help you relax and release tension. That's why you'll often see sound bath healing combined with meditation and yoga practices. There are even opportunities to experience it during a blow-dry too - hair salons take note!